juiceIf it a quick cup of tea, a frozen margarita, freshly squeezed juice or a select bottle of wine we aim to offer it all. Fresh fruit and veg arrives daily for juices and smoothies and no-one makes a better cappuccino than Nicola. On those long summer evening it can only be it’s Pimm’s o’ clock of course……

And then there is the wine list…………………

Wine  Our objective is to continuously select wines that are unique, stylish, intelligent, and balanced. We spend tremendous time swirling, smelling, and tasting (maybe more than we need) wines from around the world. We aim to  provide our customers with the ever-changing opportunities to explore many of the wine regions of the Old World and the New World.
From the classical to the new growth regions, each wine is selected from an exceptional producer that concentrates on the terrior influenced characteristics of the grapes grown in their vineyard. From the traditions of France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal to the innovations of North and South America, Australia, and South Africa, each and every producer is passionate and enthusiastic.

Download wine list (PDF)  (Subject to Change)

Download Drinks List (PDF) (Subject to Change)